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Sometimes people will to tell you what you want to hear... We tell you what you need to know...

How someone is in an interview is not necessarily how they are on the job. Facts about the candidate that do not necessarily come through in a resume or interview alone. Verifying the credentials like employment history, education background and professional license offered by the candidate can give employers peace of mind that steps were taken assure the validity of the qualifications. 

Employment History Verification 

Our report verifies previous employment information such as the places of previous employment, the dates of employment, job titles, salary earned at each job, and eligible for rehire

Education Verification 

Verify that the applicant attended the educational institution that they claimed and that the institution is legitimate. The report also verifies the dates the applicant attended the institution, when they completed the coursework and if they truly received the degree(s).

Professional License Verification 

Verify professional license claims when the prospective employee will be in a position that requires such a license or when an applicant claims to have a license. This search also identifies any restrictions or violations associated with the license. This search is a valuable honesty check and helps protect the employer from negligent hiring claim