Our Services

Criminal Background Searches:     
24-48 hours turnaround
We offer research on a State, County, or Federal level as well as Canadian and International.
The following information is reported:
• Type of offense: Felony, Misdemeanor and Gross Traffic
• Date of offense
• Case number
• Date of Disposition
• All sentencing information
• Identifiers used on file
• County and/or State/District searched

*Records are translated into a user friendly format and the report is delivered as a secure .pdf.  

– QuickScan Criminal Search:
    Same Day Turnaround
This search is to be used as a supplemental search to a statewide and/or county search.  It is comprised of 64 different Department of Corrections, Administrative Offices of the Courts and Sex Offender Databases and Security Watch List search.

– Social Security Trace Report:
   Instant turnaround
This report verifies the following:
• Validity of Social Security Number and the Name Associated
• Date of birth
• All associated names: alias names (AKA’S) and maiden names
• Address History report
• State and Date of issuance
*The SS-Trace report is not to take the place of e-verify !

– Motor Vehicle Report:
    Instant turnaround
This is based on a 3 or 7 year scope and provides a comprehensive driving history which includes: points, restrictions, violation, accidents and validity.

– Credit Reports:
     Same day turnaround  (Requires a signed release form)

– Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search
:   Same Day turnaround
This search verifies whether an applicant is registered on a state sex offender registry and is completed on a state-by-state basis.

– Homeland Security/ Terror Watch List:
  Instant turnaround

– OIG/GSA Healthcare Sanctions Report:
  Instant turnaround

– Education / Employment / Professional License Verifications


Our comprehensive menu of Drug Screening options includes pre-employment, random and DOT-approved screening services.  You may choose from instant or lab-confirmed, 5, 10, 12 & 13 panel screens.  Our national network of collection facilities makes us your most convenient option.  We also offer the design of a customized Drug-Free Workplace policy.   (All drug screenings are conducted through urinalysis)

• 10 Panel Instant Test – These provide instant results and can only be used for pre-employment purposes only.  Result are available within 5 minutes.
• 10 Panel Lab Test – the specimen is collected and sent to LabCorp for testing. The test is performed at the lab and can remain in testing from 48 to 96+ hours.  Most results are reported in 24 hours.  *Additional testing may require additional time and the specimen will remain at the lab as a work in progress until testing is completed.
•DOT Managed Services: We offer DOT management on a pre-employment and/or random basis in accordance to DOT and Federal regulations.