Our Services

Criminal Background Searches:     
24-48 hours turnaround  
We offer research on a State, County, or Federal level as well as Canadian and International.
The following information is reported:
 • Type of offense: Felony, Misdemeanor and Gross Traffic
 • Date of offense
 • Case number
 • Date of Disposition
 • All sentencing information
 • Identifiers used on file 
 • County and/or State/District searched

*Records are translated into a user friendly format and the report is delivered as a secure .pdf.  

– QuickScan Criminal Search:
    Same Day Turnaround
This search is to be used as a supplemental search to a statewide and/or county search.  It is comprised of 64 different Department of Corrections, Administrative Offices of the Courts and Sex Offender Databases and Security Watch List search.

– Social Security Trace Report:
   Instant turnaround 
This report verifies the following:
 • Validity of Social Security Number and the Name Associated
 • Date of birth
 • All associated names: alias names (AKA’S) and maiden names
 • Address History report
 • State and Date of issuance
*The SS-Trace report is not to take the place of e-verify !

– Motor Vehicle Report:
    Instant turnaround 
This is based on a 3 or 7 year scope and provides a comprehensive driving history which includes: points, restrictions, violation, accidents and validity.

– Credit Reports:
     Same day turnaround  (Requires a signed release form)

– Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search
:   Same Day turnaround 
This search verifies whether an applicant is registered on a state sex offender registry and is completed on a state-by-state basis.

– Homeland Security/ Terror Watch List:
  Instant turnaround

– OIG/GSA Healthcare Sanctions Report:
  Instant turnaround

– Fingerprints 


– Hair Testing

– Education / Employment / Professional License Verifications


Our comprehensive menu of Drug Screening options includes pre-employment, random and DOT-approved screening services.  You may choose from instant or lab-confirmed, 5, 10, 12 & 13 panel screens.  Our national network of collection facilities makes us your most convenient option.  We also offer the design of a customized Drug-Free Workplace policy.   (All drug screenings are conducted through urinalysis)

 • 10 Panel Instant Test – These provide instant results and can only be used for pre-employment purposes only.  Result are available within 5 minutes.
 • 10 Panel Lab Test – the specimen is collected and sent to LabCorp for testing. The test is performed at the lab and can remain in testing from 24 to 72 hours.  Most results are reported in 24 hours.
•DOT Managed Services: We offer DOT management on a pre-employment and/or random basis in accordance to DOT and Federal regulations.