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*Reminder to Existing and New Clients – Always implement the Pre-Adverse Action Letter before rescinding a job offer.  This Pre-Adverse Action letter should include a copy of the background report and a copy of the Summary of your Rights.  This is very important as this gives the candidate a fair opportunity to dispute and/or explain the information within the background report.  Please understand the difference between Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters and when to implement.

We offer Pre-Employment Background Research & Drug Screening Services.
We take great pride in relieving the pressures associated with hiring new employees.
Our mission is to help each employer achieve success when making tough hiring decisions.
We can provide your company with a range of pre-screening tools which are imperative, when seeking the right candidate.

During an interview, the candidate will tell you anything and everything you want to hear.
Total Screening Solutions will tell you everything else!
So…who did you really just hire?  

The pre-employment screening of new hires is a more affordable service than you think, and does present long term benefits that you may not be aware of, some of which are outlined below.

Advantages of Background Screening

* Reduces negligent hiring lawsuits
* Reduces Workplace Violence
* Eliminates unqualified applicants
* Reduces theft and financial loss
* Promotes a safer work environment

Advantages of Drug Testing
* Lowers premiums on health, liability and workers compensation insurance
* Reduces accidents on the job
* Reduces turnover
* Promotes a safe work environment

Advantages of using a 3rd Party Screening Company
* Promotes accuracy, fairness and privacy
* Informs employees of their rights in the case of adverse action
* Gives the employee the opportunity to dispute information reported
* In-House background screening is not protected by the FCRA

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